About me

Welcome to Raven Writing!

I am truly passionate about helping students achieve their goals in English.

This may be helping a VCE student raise their marks or simply helping a student to enjoy their English journey or develop their creativity.

I have been a secondary school English teacher for the past seven years in government and independent schools in Melbourne and I have taught English at every year level from 7-12. Many of my students achieve over 40+ and even Premier’s Awards.

However, I have noticed students and teachers alike becoming increasingly frustrated with lack-lustre English curricula that devalue creativity.

By the time students reach Year 12, they are fed up with repetitive tasks. Yet they are still unsure of themselves and lack confidence because they have not had a diversity of experiences or any opportunities to develop engagement with the subject.

Wherever you are on your English journey, I am sure that Raven Writing can offer something to suit your needs.

We offer tutoring in Melbourne for VCE levels as well as Year 7-10 and VCE English resources and VCE Blogs to help you on your journey. We also offer writing workshops and classes in Melbourne for teens to enhance engagement and help develop creativity.

Remember, English is meant to be enjoyed!

Orania Theoharidis


English teaching

Creative writing workshops

Tutoring and coaching

Mentoring and Tutoring

Tutoring is the hybrid of teaching, coaching and mentoring because it involves imparting knowledge and wisdom to students, coaching them to reach their full potential and sharing specific personal experiences with them so they can grow as people.


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