In my experience, many students from Year 7 to VCE, struggle with Creative Writing.
These are generally the two areas students find challenging:

1. Starting the writing process and knowing what to write about
2. Writing an evocative and interesting piece

Students have trouble with Number 1 because they often think they can only start if they know the plot. But the plot is only one aspect of a writer’s toolbox.
Next time you have a creative writing task, start by describing a setting or a character. Once you start the writing process in this way, you will often find that ideas start to flow more easily, and it avoids the problem of a blank page.

For Number 2, students are often told to write descriptively and so they pack their writing with adjectives. This makes sense because we are told in Primary School that adjectives are our ‘describing words’. I suggest cutting back on the adjectives and instead focusing on strong verbs and adverbs. It will immediately give your writing clarity. Rather than adding ‘description’ through adjectives, try to build images in the reader’s mind. The way to do this is by including literary devices. Use metaphors and similes liberally to make the abstract tangible and create an image in the reader’s mind. For example, fear is abstract and something that the reader cannot see. Rather than simply saying I felt fear, compare fear to something. Fear was an army of a thousand men about to break through the frail barricade. Now we can see fear.

Remember, you don’t have to start with the plot.

Good luck,

Raven Writing