In VCE essays, students must demonstrate their awareness that the texts they are writing about are constructed. In other words, the text you are studying has been crafted by the writer or director to highlight certain themes and ideas or to propose a contention or key message.

Higher scoring scripts discuss what the writer is doing not what the characters are doing.
In your introduction and conclusion, include a statement about what the writer or director espouses. What is their message or overall contention?
In your body paragraphs, you also need to consider HOW writers or directors construct a text. What tools do they use?

Be specific and discuss tools, techniques and literary devices. For example, in a novel, you may discuss symbolism and dialogue, while in a film you will need to analyse camera shots and angles.

Remember, it is not about what the characters are doing or what is happening in the plot. It is about understanding how the writer or director uses certain techniques, such as characterisation, to create a desired effect or propose a point of view.