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If you want to improve your essays, you need to employ sophisticated vocabulary and use metalanguage judiciously. Content knowledge is important, but make no mistake, your final examination is, at its core, a test of expression. High scoring scripts will generally display accurate spelling, grammar, punctuation and incorporate sophisticated terminology and precise word choices.  How do you expand your vocabulary?  The old adage is to simply read more, and of course this is a valid suggestion in the long term at least. But it won’t help you in the short term In the short term, you need to be shrewd about the way that you expand your vocabulary to give the examiner the impression that you have a text specific lexicon.  Build your vocabulary under three categories.  Category A – verbs of analysis  Category B – vocabulary for themes, issues and characters  Category C – Metalanguage  If you would like more info and drills on how to build your vocabulary and metalanguage, buy our vocabulary notes.