SACs and examinations are not just testing your content knowledge and skills, but your abilities to perform under the pressure of time restrictions. Writing under this kind of pressure requires discipline and thorough preparation. Of course, you will need to adjust your contention and topic sentences to suit the essay topic that you are given on the day. However, sentence starters, sophisticated vocabulary and metalanguage as well as the memorisation of relevant and insightful quotations should all be prepared in advance. This kind of knowledge needs to be at your fingertips so that when you use it in an examination, you are almost writing in autopilot. You don’t have time to think about the best word to describe a character; you should already know these words. Be disciplined with your time allowance. Allocate a number of minutes for each paragraph, for planning and proofreading. Once you have reached your time allocation for a paragraph, write a quick sentence to wrap up and move on. You must be strict with your time allocation, especially in an examination.